Friday, June 08, 2007

Diamonds, A Single Girl's BFF

Sooo, why should a girl (woman) have to wait to be engaged to get a fabulous diamond ring?

Short answer, she shouldn't. So I'm not. Realistically, given my romantic history, and the fact that I haven't had a relationship longer than a couple of months in 6 years, I know I'm not getting engaged anytime soon.

So I'm taking the bauble by the horns. I have a 1+-carat diamond that I wear as a necklace solitaire, and I'm sick of it; I want a ring. So this is what I'm thinking of having Norman Landsberg copy for me (from Barneys). What do we think?

I would do it in white gold, since I'd want to wear it every day. I lurve it...

Monday, May 14, 2007

So sorry for the slacking my sartorial sisters. I have been busy, busy, busy and traveling nearly every weekend.

And of course, I've been shopping.

The highlights of recent weeks, most of which I've been back in Miami:

One gorgeous, silk and satin sea foam green dress by Cacharel found at this boutique on Collins Ave. Original price: $450; I paid $99. Aww yeah.

One stunning Temperley silk, cream, fuchsia and black dress from Neiman Marcus Last Call. Original price: $950; I paid like $230-ish. It's GORGE.

Also at NM Last Call—the best store ever, ever—a Nanette Lepore silk top about $60 from $250.

And yesterday, for mother's day, we went to the outlets in St. Augustine, where the only designer stores are Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

At Calvin I got a very mod looking black-and-white DVF-style wrap dress for $99 and a pretty, cotton navy sundress for about $80 I think.

At Ralph, I got my first pair of shorts in like 15 years; Bermuda length, simple navy cotton.

I will upload pics when I have time.

And today, the best gift of all, my amazing, stunning, woven pearl necklace from my new friend and favorite jewelry designer, Indian princess Suhani Pittie.

How fabulous is this piece? I'm in love.

Thanks mom! Happy mother's day! She got some cute stuff too, and I made her an album of our Italy trip for her present.

I also have some great beauty recs for you girls, but I think I will wait on those until I have enough time for proper descriptions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jewel of the Ganges

So I went to Fashion Week in Miami this past weekend and didn't fall in love with too many products, save for those of fabulous Indian jewelry designer Suhani Pittie.

Her designs are gorgeous, unique and reasonably priced. I think she's going to be huge. So check out her web site and catch her on the way up.

Here are a few of my faves; I may just wire brother some money in India and have him stop by one of her boutiques there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Moda Mania

Well, it was substantially colder in Italy than I anticipated, and we all know how climate impacts fashion. Leave it to me to pack lots of cute, little cotton jackets, cotton tees, sleeveless shirts and dresses for night time and merely one tiny cashmere shrug. So I either ended up borrowing mom's blanket-like shawl or layering, until I could buy something that would keep me a little warmer. In Positano, the shopping was pretty pathetic—lots of Miami-esque glittery linen type garments or overpriced designer merch.

The value of the dollar was piss poor. Amalfi, however, boasted some great buried treasures.

First, I found a fabulous, plain black, leather, wide belt for like 7 Euros. Next I found this woven wool sweater thingy to keep me warm, and last I discovered this amazing, super trendy necklace with semi-precious stones. It can be worn long or doubled up. I am wearing all three of my Amalfi finds in this pic:

Next stop, an outlet mall on our way to Rome; our driver, Rino, was cool like that. I had been wanting a cool pair of sneakers and I managed to find these groovy, black Costume National ones at the outlet mall.

Final destination: Rome, where Via Condotti is the equivalent of 5th Avenue, but the prices are substantially higher thanks to the damn Euro. The last time I went to Italy was in the good ol' days of Lire, so it was quite a shock to the system to see how thin my shopping money would be stretched. Nonetheless, I managed a couple good finds on Via Condotti.

First, and I know you're saying, "Good god, the last thing this girl needs is another handbag." But hear this: You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many designer handbags and shoes.

I just fell in love with this adorable little Yves St. Laurent wristlet. And I actually don't have a small, white, evening bag, so my demented designer brain functioning is thus justified.

Finalmente, this cute little tee at Gianfranco Ferre. It's appropriate for this trip, as it has a map of the Amalfi Coast on it and reads, "I want to live my life, not record it." Plus the back is really cute too. Love polkadots.

I'm wearing it in this pic with my very Hollywood-looking bro . . .

and in these you can see the whole shebang:

But the speed-shopping prize goes to mom, who, in an 11th-hour hail mary pass managed to score a fab frock at Etro in the Rome airport, just outside our gate, as our plane was literally boarding. It was hands-down the quickest sartorial decision I've ever seen her make. Cute, signature paisley-print, lightweight trenchcoat. It rains a lot in Florida you know. . . .

Thursday I am off to Miami to cover Miami fashion week, so I will have more fashiony stuff next week. Though no more shopping. I am soo done. Unless there are really good sales at Bal Harbour . . .

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Writer's Revenge

So my embattled former Star coworker Jared Paul Stern has had a rough year with regards to some sort of "Page Six Payola" scandal that involves billionaire Ron Burkle and Page Six/The New York Post. For years JPS was involved with Page Six, second-in-command I think to Richard Johnson.

Okay, so some of you outside the NYC media bubble may not know about all this hoopla, and frankly I don't really understand it either. All I know is that JPS, who is humble, soft-spoken and incredibly dapper, was slandered, libeled, defamed and generally kicked around by the very same media that he'd once been an integral part of.

This was big news—Burkle, according to Wikipedia, "is a supermarket billionaire from Beverly Hills. . . . [and] a close friend of former President Bill Clinton, who calls Burkle's Boeing 757
private jet "Ron Air."

Also from Wikipedia: "In April 2006, Ron Burkle accused New York Post columnist Jared Paul Stern of attempting to extort money from him in exchange for more favorable Page Six coverage. Page Six, a popular and influential gossip column in the New York Post, appears to have increased their coverage of Burkle's private life over the past year. Ron Burkle secretly videotaped several private meetings between him and Jared Paul Stern, and has since presented the tapes to the FBI. During the meetings, Stern allegedly asked Burkle for a $220,000 investment in his clothing business in exchange for better Page Six coverage. No charges were ever filed against Stern, however, and Stern announced plans to sue Burkle for defamation. Stern filed suit on March 22, 2007, on several counts including defamation and civil conspiracy."

Blah, blah, blah. The good news is that JPS is finally striking back and surely will kick some billionaire butt. When you've been in your own lawsuit, you kind of get the heebie jeebies reading about those of people you know, so I largely ignored the coverage due to my gut reaction of, Jared would never do such a thing. Nice Jewish guy. Classy.

What does this have to with fashion you ask?
I'm getting there. First, Jared is one of the most uniquely stylish straight men I've met.

Second, JPS has his own line of clothing and accessories that are tres cool.
The line is preppy with a punk edge: Skull and Bones. For someone like me who has recently taken up tennis, but is not a typical Ralph Lauren WASP, I'm totally digging the canvas tote and the polo shirts. And the cuff links are bad-ass, perfect for that edgy guy who doesn't want to dress up but occasionally must.

And how amusing is the description of the canvas tote?
"Perfect for carrying your books, a bottle of Scotch, clothes for the weekend, the shopping, multiple personalities, cigarettes, a sweater (in case it gets cold), tennis balls, the dog's leash and just about anything else you can think of...." Hmm, what else? Bottle of Xanax, stun gun and tub of La Mer;)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Diamonds and Djimon

Ladies, I have four words for you: Rent Blood Diamond, now. It is not only one of the most powerful and passionate films I have seen in recent years, but it will also cause you to question the myriad ways in which you buy diamonds. From here on out, when you buy a rock, be it one carat or 30, you must insist (and you will after seeing this movie) to see papers ensuring that it is from a Conflict-Free Zone.

I am seriously thinking of trying to trace the diamonds I currently have to see where they came from.

This movie is simply awesome and disturbing and heartwarming and makes you think about real issues, which all great movies should do. I have been a longtime fan of Djimon Hounsou
ever since watching Spielberg's woefully underrated and ignored Amistad (also a MUST SEE), but his performance is simply staggering in this movie. And though I adored Alan Arkin's Little Miss Sunshine performance, Djimon was robbed of the Academy Award for Blood Diamond.

He may even be my new Michael Jordan.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buon Giorno Balenciaga

Nine days till I leave for Rome, Positano and Amalfi. Natch, what I fret about most when going on vacation is what to pack. Usually I start with the handbags, shoes and jewelry and work backwards towards clothes. However, since this is a family vacay, and we have a private driver shuttling us from city to city, there will be limited space for luggage.

For weeks I have been fretting about the handbag and shoe situation: namely, which every day handbag to bring and which every day shoes to bring that of course must match the bag. Nighttime shoes are not a problem—either black pumps or boots. But this was my quandary—it's spring in Italy and I didn't want to carry a black bag. But the eggshell bag I have is just too heavy. And my red bag too small. Same with the yellow, pink and gold bags. So that's why I so wanted the silver Tod's bag.

Typically, for a week long vacation, I would bring at least four handbags; two day, two night. And probably six pairs of shoes—can't forget the sneakers and the slippers.

The point is that I'm trying to simplify sartorially for this trip. One pair of day shoes; one pair of night shoes. One pair of sneakers. Not a ton of jewelry. No belts. But everything boiled down to the handbag—I needed that perfect, trendy (it is Italy after all) every day bag that would go with any color shoes.

And out of all my bags (this is my new handbag hookup; sick, I know) none fit the bill.

Enter mom. Stylish yet simple—she's elected to carry an old-school, lightweight, black, nylon Prada—she's generously offered up her coppery/grayish awesome Balenciaga that I helped her choose at Barneys.

Packing problems solved. Now onto jewelry, shoes and clothes. I already got this fab Caudalie travel kit at Sephora to cut down on the toiletries.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Juli B Beauty Picks for March.

Suddenly Slimmer

Okay, once again, I am the guinea piglet. I'm booked for the fat burning wrap Ellen DeGeneres made famous in a couple of weeks.

It's only $109, but for $40 more, they offer to measure you before and after to guarantee the inches you've lost. Since I elected not to have my body measured (don't really want to know, thank you very much), she said bring tight clothes and I'll be able to fit into them at the end.

We'll see. . . You're wrapped from head-to-toe and then you do a light cardio workout for 45 minutes! I'll be sure to take pics of mummified me working out. In preparation, they tell you to drink 68 oz. of water a day and take multivitamins, both of which I already do. I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lose inches in hours!!!!!!!!!!

So you all know I worship Ellen DeGeneres, and when I saw this footage of her undergoing a "Slim Wrap," I just laughed it off. . . . But then, she said that this wrap actually worked; as in it took inches off her body in an hour-and-a-half. I just got off the phone with the lovely Slim Wrap woman who wrapped Ellen personally and let me tell you sisters—I'm so there.

Ellen had the Power Wrap, which is only $125. Cheaper than most massages. And Ellen says it's not just water weight; that the weight actually stays off. Now, it's true, I'd believe Ellen if she said that Jesus Christ was actually Moses, but in preparation for Italy, I need all the help I can get.

Onto my beauty, fashion and luxury good picks. . .

Manolo Blahnik Leopard print open toe pump

Valentino silver logo flat

Valentino satin and crystal eve pump

Manolo Blahnik Cessabi Jeweled Thong sandal (exclusively neiman's online)

Christian Louboutin Patent Platform Pump

m2 by Mary Margrill charm necklaces

Ippolita charm bangles

Jude Frances Fleur-de-lis ring

Linda Lee Johnson Rosetta Ring

Astercast Zodiac stellium charm necklaces

Anthony Nak Turquoise Sapphire earrings

Luxury Goods

Lalique Jade Buddha

Jay Stongwater "Miles" Coral Reef Alarm Clock

John Derian Paperweights

Gucci mirror evening clutch

Fendi Crossworld Grande Mirrored Bag

Burberry Nautical Bucket Tote

Chloe Denim & Leather Logo Tote

Valentino Leopard print evening bag